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Wednesday, January 29, 2020


About Jane Cress Edgar
For Jane Cress Edgar, art became a serious pursuit nearly three decades ago. Her paintings and drawings were for many years autobiographical record, visual representation of some of the many places she has lived - West Virginia, Virginia, Oregon, Colorado, Maryland - and the people and family she has loved. At other times of great stress and pain, painting and ceramic work has been therapy. The total concentration required was a means of escape from obsessive thoughts, and the results constituted an exciting record of healing. Sometimes painting is simply an expression of pure love of what she sees, a meditation on loveliness or interesting form.
During her many years of non-art academic study, raising a family and the "professing" of French and Spanish, Cress Edgar also worked at making art. She considered herself largely self-taught, but while teaching languages at several colleges, she took advantage of formal art study - completing eleven studio courses and various workshops throughout the years.
Today Jane Cress Edgar is grateful to be able to paint full-time in her stone cottage studio in Grand Detour, Illinois. She is working now in three main directions: 1. her "nurturing series" - exploring the use of acrylics in figural paintings depicting gestures of human caring, 2. flower forms and still-lifes, and 3. landscapes and historic homes and buildings. She does, however, like to keep all options open, for subject matter and medium, so that each painting is an exploration: "I wonder how that will turn out in a painting!"
Whether painting in joy or anguish, Cress Edgar stresses that, for her, it is serious work, as well as passion, and the process of most paintings is a long one. "Fourth of July", for example, gestated two long years - going through various concepts and design ideas, then took four months in the painting. "The image had to be dynamic enough to express my idea of the energy and blossoming of the Village of South Holland, where the painting will reside."
Except when working in a plein-air mode, her process involves a lot of time looking, studying and thinking about choices, as well as the actual painting. "A painting develops, it is not born full-blown. My favorite paintings are often those where I did not at all anticipate the final result." As a result, she usually has several paintings "simmering" on easels at any given time.
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